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I’m a Dad who coupons, get over it.

Okay, this is the first blog post in quite some time but here it goes.

I had been a faithful cuponer for several years. I was proud of my binder , my system and keeping a tally on what I had saved over time. Then life got messy and all that went out the window. Right about the time I should have been doing the most to save money, time became the most important factor.

All I had time for was to shop at one grocery store, CostCo and a local Target. Savings wasn’t the primary concern where I shopped but what I needed and how fast I could get in and get out.

For awhile I gave up on couponing all together. Even during a crisis I had managed to find some time to play a game or two on my phone. The games served a purpose of distracting me from what was going on around me, and believe it or not they gave me a sense off control.I lost track of who I was and what life was like before entering survival mode.

When I started to lock back on what l was missed I always came back to where I wanted to go. Travel, spending quality time with my friends and family, assisting my kids in paying for college, photography, and much more made the list. While couponing itself did not make the list factoring in money did. And one of the best ways I could save money was working the couponing system.

I still do not have the time to manage a proper binder or maximize every deal possible. What I can do is use some, not all, of the time I spend playing games on my phone working digital sites. Luckily my primary store has a pretty good loyalty program. It is easy to use and best of all my wife and family can use it without even knowing it.

CostCo and Target are both within walking of our house. Overall savings at both is harder to manage. At Target we can use the Cartwheel App and the Red card to save money. CostCo has some great deals but is not the best deal on everything. When I had the time to manage the binder I could beat CostCo on a regular basis. Now Stacking coupons on top of sales and loyalty programs is a thing of the past. Eventually I will get back there but for now time is precious.

Today I used a digital coupon to buy some wine, beer and Barbecue essentials to celebrate the ending one phase of our journey and moving on to the next one. Spending quality time with Friends, Family done a little cheaper couponing.

I’m a Dad who coupons, get over it.




*!!@*! Haloween


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RelaxDamit! Just Relax……

Today’s rant brought to you by: A selfish Dad who just wants to go bowling!

I don’t want to sound like the Old GET MY LAWN!curmudgeon but I don’t really care for Halloween. I don’t hate it and I’m not against it, I just to care for it.

As minutes turned into hours of insomnia last night I started thinking about why of all the holidays I dislike Halloween so much. I had no traumatic experiences as a child, no religious qualms, or anxiety related to crowds but for the past few years I have found Halloween night to be exhausting.

I was really looking forward to bowling tonight so I could avoid all the hoopla. But as fate would have it my daughter is having 5 friends over for a sleepover and a 2 hour gap popped up where there would be no parental supervision for said…

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